Well, who would have expected that a browser that markets itself with the the fact that it sells its user's attention, is doing weird stuff like placing affinity links on random people's websites?

If you are running brave, consider to go back to whatever browser you used before or try out a new one. There are enough browsers out there which display a website as it is, and don't randomly replace links.

@sheogorath this is not ok. I use brave whenever I need to use a "chrome-only" website (2020 and this shit still exists), but I don't like this behavior

@sheogorath Brave did a really great communications campaign. A lot of people talk about it, a lot of people advise it - in the mint article about mint 20, 5 people advise to install it :/

@sheogorath When all you need is only ublock origin on your favorite non-google browser Firefox/Vivaldi/opera/chromium

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