Mhm, did the maths: My infrastructure costs me ~27.04€ per month.

If one would like to optimize it a bit more for cost and maybe drop GitLab, they can easily go with ~20€ per month.

In the current day and age, probably 20 very well invested Euros. Providing me with more freedom, easier access and more privacy than the average web user.

It's sad, but at the same time, it's up to you to change it. I provide all my automation as inspiration for your personal take on IT:

Hint: I don't expect everyone to become admins. But we live in a day and age, where you have 3 options:

1. You go around and buy privacy respecting services and hope they are as good as their marketing.
2. You ask a friend or family member who is a sysadmin to host stuff for you.
3. You take it in your own hands. Start slow, learn over time. It's like gardening. Automate what you do regularly, to the stuff you do once by hand. But try to understand what you are doing.

Enjoy your time!

@sheogorath I have a home server and assuming 3-year life for all parts, I'd be looking at $15 or less per month. Including 16TB worth of HDDs.

@karan A homeserver is for sure a valid option here. Main issue there are space and connectivity. Solvable for some people, not for everybody and that's why I prefer my servers to hang out in datacenters, but everyone has their own take on it :)


4. becoming aware that you are not alone and join / create a @ChatonsOrg

Let's face it, 90%+ of the population will never become admin or self-host on their phone. We need to accept that HTTP, email and other centralized protocols will centralize the world by design. Self-hosting is a lost battle, as FLOSS advocates, we need to support development of #IPFS, #dat, #BitTorrent, #Jami and all serverless alternatives to our web application.

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