I'm not sure who thought that giving my Wayland session the same oom score as every other program would be a good idea.

Or to put it more constructive: I just wrote a systemd.timer to adjust my gdm-wayland-session's oom score, to no longer stand in line with other desktop processed to be killed. Let's see what happens :)

:blobfoxthink: After thinking about it, I just realized that 12-6 is 6 not 8… Which explains why my system was a bit worried about allocating enough memory for the VM when 8GB were already in use, when I gave 6GB guaranteed to the VM.

Sad that oom killer didn't decide to kill qemu, which would have solved the whole problem…

Do basic maths! It saves process' lifes and maybe your homework.

Disable overcommitment of RAM made the situation drastically worse, not better as I expected.

There seems to be something going on in background I don't quite understand yet :blobfoxthink: but I will try to figure it out.

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