As some of you are aware, I contemplated switching to a static site yesterday. That thought has been slung from the window at a rapid rate. Here's my completely unqualified rant:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts and suggestions.


@gray yes! So much yes! The simplicity of a full fat CMS is so much better than the complex nature of SSGs (in my opinion). I too think they’re massively over-engineered and I don’t have time for that, quite frankly.

Yeah, my WP instance might get popped, but that’s what backups are for...

@kev Precisely, and backups are one of those things you have to learn the hard way in life 🙂.

I feel a lot of the tech/solutions are incredibly over the top these days. All trying to re-invent the wheel.


@gray @kev In general I'm with you, I see the major benefits of static sites in two factors:

1. When you don't pay attention, you don't pay attention there is basically no risk of someone turning your page into a spam machine just because there was a 0-day discovered in some plugin during your 6 month of more important things

2. Validation of the entire page seems simpler (to me).

Obviously there are other viable solutions for those problems.

@sheogorath @gray I think what’s important here though, which often gets overlooked by many SSG enthusiasts, is practicality.

Wordpress is trivial to configure to update automatically, and I’m not sure Ghost even has a plugin ecosystem? Anyway, like I said in my previous comment, is something was to get popped, restoration is also trivial. Plus, it’s a personal website, so no big deal anyway.


They were exactly the sort of benefits I was looking for, along-side attempting to save money. I wanted to cut down the attack surface as much as possible and just make it all simpler.

As @kev says, the practical side of it just didn't seem to play out that way.

I think my mistake in the whole thought process was wanting to re-create what I had and I wasn't willing to compromise there and take a step backwards. In turn, introducing complexity.

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