No individual person has to explain themselves for using proprietary software.

Organisations, companies, governments for sure! So let's stop blaming individuals for usage of proprietary software and let's focus on breaking organisations free. Trust me, when organisations are free, individuals will follow by themselves.

@sheogorath especially true for governments. I'd sleep much better if Software created from my money is also Free and Open to me. No brainer.


@sheogorath I seriously doubt that. The subset of software that matters to both organizations and individuals is fairly small, and most of the common software is used by individuals out of turn - Linux is not a desktop OS (unless mangled to the level of Android), you don't need a full office suite to write your letters or diaries. The software unique to individual use - media albums, e-mail on the public Internet, chat, etc. - are irrelevant in organizations.

@wyatwerp Only as long as you consider organisations that develop those applications not part of the "breaking organisations free".

@sheogorath yes, I didn't. If individuals didn't use, say, an office suite, out of turn, why would organizations developing office suites matter?

@wyatwerp The problems are quite simple: Scale and victim blaming.

Most people out there never were aware that free software is a thing. Why? Because free software is primarily a developer goodie. So you basically blame someone for not having the same interests as you.

When you solve the issue at the source, the software forges, it's easier to apply market regulations (we already do it for other things) as well was not making an individual feel bad for their actions.

@sheogorath so, the reason an individual doesn't have good free/libre desktop OS+applications is because volunteer developers don't like usable desktops OS+applications?

I feel project politics result in too many "yet-another" applications. Diversity is not writing yet another graphics stack, it is forking and maintaining a fork of an existing top-3 stack (as an example). So many "yet-another" apps are why so many distros seem justifiable.

@wyatwerp No, the reason most individuals out there don't use only free software is because there are a ton of external factors that contribute towards using proprietary software. From governments requiring them, to shops only selling machines with Windows installed, to being locked up in data formats and application compatibility requirements that keep proprietary software alive.

Solve it at the source. Remove/reduce those external factors, then we can talk.

@sheogorath It is amazing that hobbyists devs didn't get into HaikuOS instead of Linux or BSD's. It could have had user-separation or capabilities by now!
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