Oh is going wild. Sad for the people that got laid off, but also kind of expected given that Mozilla was living from Google and Google decided they no longer need Firefox to dominate the web.

We have to find a way to keep the code of and around alive if we want to keep at least a little bit of the away from chromification.

I hope Mozilla finds a better way to keep it's browser alive than making it their marketing horse. :/

@sheogorath Could have been a great time to reorient Firefox towards privacy, instead of trying to turn it into a behavioral marketing snitch for the Google bribes. Sadly this piece does not seem phrased to reflect this new kind of bearing, instead focusing on expanding their commercial activities and setting up another non-non-profit shell company. I blame it on their lack of vision (or spine) with regards to behavioral marketing.

@sheogorath Since long there are ideas fo a cooperative funding Mozilla. Sadsly the foundation (AFAIK) never made any steps towards this,

@sheogorath Im really confesed as thoy should still be getting the yahoo money. That was in the hundreds of millions a year.

@blackfire I have no idea. But I guess someone did the maths and decided that this doesn't work out.

I'm still not sufficiently fed up to switch to something else, mostly because alternatives are not so plentiful...

Weirdly enough, with Google's money being withdrawn, I see hope that they'll finally stop bowing to their will. I for one would be willing to pay money for a good browser -- but only if it has to compete for their attention against Google's money. Unless users pay for it, their interest won't be the users' best interest.

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