Can you imagine that? A FOSS health app, published under GPL became victim of its own success.

It used to be a small app helping people with their Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). But since the app was rather successful in helping people the funding/business model broke and the developers had to search for something else to make their money.

I think it's still worth checking out.

I think such apps could and should be easily funded by someone like the health ministry.

Most FOSS apps are sort of a service to the public, so why don't fund the good ones like one?

@jzohren While this makes sense, for this app the situation wouldn't have allowed that, I guess. The app was built by someone who was doing a CBT to support himself there and later on published to help others as well.

Public money usually comes with stronger restrictions and one has to proof that things work, etc. And especially when it comes to software permanent funding is rare. Means you get a lot of overhead in. In this case, I don't think tax money was the solution.

@sheogorath I can absolutely imagine that - FOSS needs to be profitable. Hobby projects are awesome, but relying on them too much is a really bad idea.

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