The one thing I hate about go programs: People writing stuff in go usually have install instructions: curl <url to some binary> > ./<random binary name> && chmod +x ./<random binary name> && sudo ./<random binary name>

Sure, we complain about curl | bash but this is EVEN WORSE!

@sheogorath Yeah, the one-liners are not helpful. Honestly, if you're looking to install a single (Go/Rust) binary on Linux, you don't need the one-liner. There is a certain irony about telling people to run random binaries from the internet, sight-unseen.

Did we learn nothing from the days of having to educate users on the dangers of opening attachments?

@kravietz I mean, in defense of AppImage, as far as I know you are not supposed to run them as root. But generally speaking I agree, yes.


AppImage runs a whole lot of system binaries when it runs, including SUID AFAIR, so it's probably even worse. I found it when I tried to confine an AppImage ImageMagick with AppArmor 😃

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