Longer form post why I'm considering new hardware. Hopefully you can help...?



@kev I think your argument about upgradablity of the desktop is flawed in two ways:

First of all, after 5 years you'll probably need to replace your mainboard to use all the latest and greatest CPU and RAM again. Mainly leaving the Graphics card on the table, which is even more likely to "need" an upgrade.

And second, you didn't need an upgrade of your notebook in 8 years, why would you need one in the upcoming 8?

@sheogorath yeah, I could replace components for the desktop (and probably will if I decide to keep it) but once I’ve replaced the main board, cpu, ram and GPU, it’s not much further to go the whole hog an replace the lot.

The laptop does need an upgrade - specifically the battery. There’s no performance issues with it really.

@sheogorath looks straightforward actually. I assumed it would have been soldered to the board.

@kev that's the real thing. So far I've never send a soldered battery. In most cases they were just tugged inside the Machine or in worst case (with newer X1 carbon for example) glued. I can't tell if there is a technical reason for them to do that, but I highly recommend to have a quick look at iFixIt for each new device one is about to buy or have laying around.

In worst case you end up where you have been before, buying a new device. :blobfox:

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