Why do they reinvent DNT?

It's already there, it's available in all browsers… Just make it legally binding.

Instead they come up with a new spec, with a new header, with a new menu, with new nonsense.

Just why?

@freddy Well, thinking about it a bit longer, it probably makes sense. It'll allow them to start all legal battles from scratch and not worry to much about a court case that might was fought for DNT and lost.

This way making it easier for everyone to achieve their goal of having a head that is legally binding. I still hope that they make it so that DNT is also legally binding…



I don't think this will change anything.


Because this would send a whole list of settings to sites, dnt would be just one of them

@wuwei According to their spec, it also just sends a header `Sec-GPC` with a value 1 to the website. Also exposing a boolean to the JS engine. That's exactly what DNT does as well.

"A user agent MUST generate a Sec-GPC header field with a field-value that is exactly the numeric character "1" if the user's Global Privacy Control preference is set."

It's just a check if preferences are set. The specific preferences won't be defined in the specification

@wuwei uhm, I just read the spec with all the surrounding text (was previously quite focused on the technical part). If I got it right, it doesn't even go as far as DNT. DNT says clearly that a server MUST NOT perform third-party tracking. GPC says "Please show a popup so users can decide". "More banners, please! It's 2020 websites don't have enough banners and popups and overlays yet!"

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