Hello android pros,

Can anyone explain me why the system UI app on LinageOS is constantly polling my location data?

I'm reasonably sure there is a sane explanation I'm just curious.

For my Android experts,

maybe the detailed permission name is helpful. Attached is a screenshot providing those. It's also noteworthy that the polling is going on all the time, not just on the home screen as well as that all widgets have been removed from the home screen. Night light and brightness adjustment has been turned off.

Anyone with ideas with why the SystemUI is doing that?

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@kravietz Good guess, but it doesn't seem to bring a weather gadget out of the box and the one I installed additionally, I just removed, along with the clock (means all widgets are gone) but no change in behaviour. Roughly every 20 seconds it's requesting the location data. :blobfoxthink:

@sheogorath @kravietz Another guess: finding getting sunset/sunrise times for night-light mode (or whatever LOS calls that in this iteration)

@Bubu @kravietz another good one! I just disabled automatic brightness adaption, which also mentioned something about locations. Sadly didn't stop it.

If you wonder how I see those activities, I attached a screenshot of the setting I adjusted in the privacy manager/dashboard.

@sheogorath Could be the builtin weather widget. But I'm not sure if they still have that. It's been a while since I've dealt with custom roms.

@bn4t that's at least not visible. I removed all widgets yesterday. Therefore I'm wondering now what could be left :D

@sheogorath Hmm, in that case I don't know what it could be🤔

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