Yet another ad-blocker blocker. But stating "We don't mind you running adblocker, but could you please […] disable these scripts […]."

Obviously you mind that I'm running an adblocker. At least be honest with it!

Is there a ublock origin list that filters all those pages from search results? I'm tired of it.

You can tweak nano defender with ublock origin to bypass this prompts. Check out this guide and test it with site you visited.


@nikolal Thanks for the tip! Doesn't look that bad.

But honestly speaking, I don't want to get around those adblocker blockers, I want stop visiting websites that employ those. Why participate in this cat & mouse game? I just want to take them out of the game. If they don't want me on their website, I don't want them in my search results. Easy as that.

@sheogorath I want the same. This way is some sort of "pirating" their website content without need to disable adblocker. I see this as loss for those websites, just scrap for info you need without giving them profit.

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