The DNS zone of my personal domain ( has 127 records. The entire setup runs distributed across 4 servers, everything has SSO, there is centralized logging, the setup is mostly automated (especially software updates) and I actually spend most of my screen time interacting with the outside world through my federated services.

:blobfoxlaughsweat: I can't stop thinking that it's a bit overdone. But I swear, it was an accident!

@sheogorath I was having a look through your Gitlab the other night, some really good work in there. I'm pursuing something similar, although using my own hardware via colocation and everything is behind a wireguard gateway.

@lyo Feel free to hang out in my Matrix room if you are into it :D

It seems like there is a small community that builds up around my infrastructure repository. Not as in people "taking and using it" but there are already 2 forks I know about that got a lot of inspiration from my repository and I guess there is more to come. exchange of ideas is always welcome :)

@sheogorath I'm down. Two heads (or more) is definitely better than one.

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