We actually miss hosting a public matrix-server, so we are looking into it again lol,


Last time, I created the server without knowing how many users that would join, so we ran into massive scalability problems.

If we decide to go with it again, we would take our time and do it right. Maybe find some sponsorship or similar

Is it possible to set up a private cloud to alleviate the stress of running a matrix instance off your machines and yourself?

I remember one of your reasons for shutting it down back then was being responsible for many people's communication, which admittedly is a large task for one person (especially considering that breakdowns means the entire thing is out of commission).

@ScumbagDog @admin @detondev

Yeah I am thinking about trying to get sponsorship for the hardware or a sponsored private cloud.

I have personally gotten to know matrix even better and I think I am able to scale it if I had the resources to do so.
Ofcourse, it would be awesome if there was a small team that could handle it, and not just me :9


@selea @ScumbagDog @admin @detondev Have you considered to use some sort of tiered system like If we get donations of 20€ per month, we'll open the server up to 100 users, with 40€ to 250 users, and so on?

That could might work quite well to keep cost and users in shape, without being too much on the business side as you don't sell 1:1 places on the server.


I have actually, but I do not know how to pull that off, certainly if I do that alone.

@ScumbagDog @admin @detondev

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