I don't know, at least in my timeline "I'm using sourcehut btw" seems to become the new Archlinux thing. Not really sure if I'm a fan.

I mean, it's basically all about the learning curve. And the fun part to me is that a lot of people act as if everyone use e-mail as it was originally intended and not just having this email account for stuff they signed up for and then never check it again.

When I look outside of the IT bubble, email communication is mainly a business thing and dying.

@sheogorath Sourcehut uses git the way it was intended - with email.

Sourcehut is a successful company that uses exclusively free and open source software, I think we should be celebrating it.

@arran That's all fine. I don't mind sourcehut at all. It's more the attitude of some people advocating for it.

It has a little bit of elitism. The same elitism that we see with some, not all, Arch Linux users that consider the "DIY-OS" the only way to do it "properly".

And a word about "the way it was intended", git supports other ways to distribute repositories for good reasons. The original intend was of course the kernel mailing lists, but since then quite some development has taken place.


I'm just a fan of the fact that people are advocating for alternative contribution methods other than pull/merge requests.

Regarding "the way it was intended": I could of phrased that better, I don't have the knowledge/history to really comment on that, so my bad.

What other ways are you referring to regarding the distribution of repositories?


@arran Well, when we look at the majority of modern "git forges", gitlab, gitea, github, you name it. They use remotes instead of patches and mailing lists.

One reason seems to be that people are more familiar with the web than with e-mail and therefore using web-based forges appears easier to use than the mailing list/patch based approach.

And what I try to criticise is the way I see people joining conversations and acting as if using the git forges mentioned above would be a blasphemous act.

@arran By the way, to me the more exciting approaches in comparison to going with e-mail for distributed contributions is more towards DHT based approaches such as IPFS in combination with git forges such as codefuse.


Sure, it's far from perfect and I still consider it unusable at the time, but maybe it'll become a thing some day. There is still quite some work that needs to be done, but it's possible.

@sheogorath This looks really interesting, cheers for sharing.

While we're here, I may as well point out that @happybeing is working on something interesting in this space too.

@sheogorath Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it.

I understand where you're coming from. I can see how parallels could be drawn between some Arch advocates and proponents of this workflow, although its not something I'm seeing myself.

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