Fancy, The german "Tagesschau" mentioned @fdroidorg as source for the Google independent version of the Corona Warn App (called "Corona Contact Tracing Germany") on Android:

Slowly but surely, things are going into the right direction. F-Droid is hopefully in the future more mainstream!

@fdroidorg by the way, the German Tagesschau also has an own f-droid repository:

In case you didn't know yet. The app itself is not open source, but they allow access to it, from a canonical source without forcing you into anyone's terms of service. I wish more app vendors would go down that road, even when their app is proprietary.

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@sheogorath @fdroidorg wer ist #D64 und kann das fairphone 3 #fp3 wirklich Bluetooth low energy beacons senden?

@Kurt @fdroidorg also wenn ich nicht etwas komplett missverstanden habe, ja, da Fairphone Bluetooth 5 zertifiziert ist und man diese ab Bluetooth 4.0 zum Standard gehören.

@Kurt @fdroidorg ach ja und bei D64 scheint es sich um folgenden Verein zu handeln:

@sheogorath @fdroidorg finally now that I am not using fdroid any more (since i have no andriod phone at the moment)

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