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dumb automation:

I'm currently locked out of my bank account because I need to use their mobile app to verify my identity.

This can not be done via the website.

The mobile app doesn't work on a phone without google play.

I've proceeded to acquire one with google play for these purposes. However I'm stuck at the next step because the app requires me to take a picture of my face.

This is not possible because the app is hardcoded to use the front facing camera which is damaged.

This reminds me again how PSD2 has been a fucking disaster when it comes to software freedom. All banks suddenly double down on their gplay reliant apps and more of such shenanigans to comply with PSD2 requirements like two factor auth. Whereas in the past online banking, with 2fa worked fine now this is impossible all of a sudden.

venting about software, banks 

I mean, what about people who don't have a smart phone?

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venting about software, banks 

@rra they use ChipTAN mechanism. The safest way to do online banking right now.

No need for any smartphone and usually banks are able to set it up with you using a regular, good old landline.

It just works.

If your bank doesn't offer it, you should consider switching your bank. There are tons of banks who offer it for quite a while now. (Obviously you need a chiptan reader which your bank can sell and send you within a few days.)

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