I think Mastodon is missing a "hide this toot" feature.

Sometimes I encounter a toot that annoys me, by people I usually enjoy reading. A simple way to hide this single toot would be great. Otherwise I have to open the filters menu, decide what word to filter and when it's a image-only toot, then I have to mute the entire user or similar.

@sheogorath oh yeah! Flashback to when some text went viral and got boosted like everytime anyone posted it... I still got the filter for it, the frequency of me checking my muted phrases is about the frequency I actually wanted to see it.

I'm sorry. I'll step it down. I like *.io I grew up on a horse ranch. I'm not easily shocked, but I don't like deliberate rudeness. Mine were not deliberately rude.

@sheogorath really? That doesn't exist?

Pleroma has "mute conversation" which hides anything related to that tweet

@reto Well, there is a mute conversation button, but for that you have to be in a conversation as far as I know. And that's not really the case for what I'm talking about.

@sheogorath did you try? That's certainly not how it works on my pleroma server.

It just mutes the thread, doesn't matter if you are involved or not
@reto On Mastodon it works as @sheogorath said. On Pleroma it works as you said.
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