WTF does everyone on Mastodon have cats?

Yes, I jump straight to your media tab if I think you are interesting.

Glitch art. Retro computing. DE wizardry. Selfies.




No. All I see are cats!


@rebel_luddite it's called priorities! Why would one share anything else than cats on Mastodon?

I back @sheogorath on this. Humanity understood what cats are for after the camera and internet were invented.

It must be a sign of success. If one is adjusted well enough to house, feed, and win the love of a cat, then certainly one has achieved stability in all other important parts of life.

Alas, I am no where near responsible enough to adopt a cat companion.

Really shows how far away I am from reaching life goals...

@rebel_luddite Don't belittle yourself. I'm sure you already have quite some things you achieved.

I mean, you made it to Mastodon, that's something that only a few million people in the world did. And you wrote a toot, that's something only fraction of those people did.

And finally and most importantly you met me, that's something only people who met me before managed to do.

The next step is obviously to get super happy or overly upset about your life and get a cat to cure both states. 👍🏻

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