Just got an email from DHL about real-time tracking for my package. Seriously, why do I need that. Just make sure my package arrives on the day you tell me it arrives. No need to put tracking devices on your drivers.

How can one make sure that stuff arrives? By having enough drivers. Not by tracking. Give drivers a break, add some time to their schedule that acts as a buffer in case things take a bit longer, make shipping more expensive if necessary.


@sheogorath Pretty sure "real-time tracking" just means the usual updates at each intermediate facility, not actual tracking devices installed on actual trucks.


@PeterCxy nope, live tracking of the car that has the package. You can watch it live on the map where the car is. Rather crazy.

Is already quite common on UPS seems DHL as well by now.

@sheogorath @PeterCxy Sheo is correct about the tracking. I think the shipping companies do the same thing as all the Internet companies that send you updates like "another login happened from a device running Linux". They want to ship the burden of monitoring an corrections onto the user. Now they don't need to be sure the packages go where they should, customers monitor the performance better than any software. For free!
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