Many already saw the first drop of the Luca source code. However, looking into the issues is a bit of a disgrace for the free software community. The code isn't even released for 12 hours and people were jumping on it like sharks. Making tons of demands, being rather nitpicky and in a rather harsh tone. Very encouraging for these developers to publish more code.

I'm not a fan of the app and its concepts, but we should treat them well, it seems to be their first free software project. Be humble.

@sheogorath On the other hand it would probably never have been a free software project if people weren't very vocally complaining about the original joke of a license this was published under.

> Auf Nachfrage betonte Luca-Sprecher Markus Bublitz, es sei "von Anfang an geplant" gewesen, den Code als Open Source zu veröffentlichen.

Ja... ähm, nein. Eher unwahrscheinlich... 🤷.

@Bubu I surely agree, I just think we could have had a smoother start. As various people pointed out, there were and probably are license violations. So in the long term, we would have got there anyway.

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