So after thinking a lot about FLOC and how it impacts and changes the advertisement environment, I have more questions than answers.

And at least from my current understanding, it becomes worse for organisations that want to advertise, which might includes your government trying to educate citizens about things, while not really making things much better for individual privacy, due to the ability to correlate cohort IDs to identify users.

Mhm ._.


@malte It's funny, because while I advised various places to do this, I'm undecided whether I really want to do that myself. Feels like letting Google dictate my webserver headers :blobfoxglare:

If the next required opt-out header is called "this-webserver-admin-is: stupid", will I also set it? Should I just straight our block Chrome users from my sites for their own good? Should I ignore it?

@sheogorath very valid point. i just consider it a political statement 🤷‍♀️

maybe i'll add some custom headers, too🤔😁

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