Subscription-bound hardware is strange. Usually it becomes completely useless when you end your subscription. But in most cases you don't return the hardware, you just throw it somewhere and leave it there until it goes to waste.

Perfectly functioning hardware. Going to waste because you didn't subscribe to some weird service that might just went out of business. Is there any less eco-friendly business model? Maybe burning down rain forest.

Reminds me of certain software that you had to have a special dongle physically connected to it to use. When I interned at an oil company (20 years ago) it was really hard to package it for rollout. If the dongle broke, that was it the software was toast. You had to buy another license and you'd get a new dongle with it. Proprietary hardware and software is greedy and wasteful. It's a selfish model and it ultimately at odds with humanity. So are Oil companies.

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