It's okay to be taught stuff in school that you'll never need again in your life. Because if you only know and do what you need, it's called survival, not life.

It took me quite a long time to realise of, yes, I never needed to learn about Greek mythology using poems written by people in the 18/19th century, but it's good to know.

There might be better things to learn, but there is basically nothing one should not learn. Knowledge is human kind's greatest treasure. Enjoy learning it.

@sheogorath and learning shouldn't stop just because one is out of school. any experienced people you can get interacting with will teach you more, stuff you won't get in academia.

@wyatwerp @sheogorath The problem is that it's taught in ways that make people hate learning and explain nothing.
My favorite example is formulas for converting sums of trigonometric functions to products? They were immensely useful in the age of slide rules, but kept being taught long after losing their utility.
What still isn't taught is how to use trigonometry for measuring heights and lengths of things too big for a measuring tape.


@dmbaturin @wyatwerp Don't know about your school, but I definitely did learn this. Usually in form of word problems that one had to solve as homework or alike.

@sheogorath @wyatwerp Well, consider yourself lucky! I find myself telling people the "why's" no one told them in school while they were too busy teaching the "what's" all the time.

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