The Flatpak/Flathub community migrates to the Matrix side of life :)

Meet us at:

For the lazy people:

I'm really looking forward to see everyone around and never have to worry about NickServ again.


@alteredEnvoy kind of, but also not. Some of us, decided that the the whole freenode drama is a good notch to modernise the communication infrastructure.

Since switching IRC networks in 2021 is a bit ridiculous given that IRC is stuck in the late 90s and still worries about "too long messages" which are shorter than this toot.

So yes, one could say the drama gave the notch, but there is a lot more to it :)

@sheogorath interesting that some ppl don't like the UX of matrix🤔 It's quite modern and doesn't play well with IRC, but I can't really point out other problems 🤔

@alteredEnvoy something that is, rightfully, criticised quite often is the inequality in features across the clients. Some don't support audio/video calls, others don't support End-to-End encryption.

Another problem people often see is that the Interface reduces the information density compared to IRC clients. That's a question of taste.

And finally the evergreen of "no full-featured native clients" aka. "it's electron/JS, so it's bad", which I'll just leave there.

@sheogorath 🤔🤔 that's some valid points. Using element client doesn't seem really serious at work or Hack-y for a pro...

@alteredEnvoy @sheogorath Element has a compact IRC-style UI layout. It is well-hidden (extended appearance settings) and marked as "experimental". I have no idea how anyone can use Element without this.

@maxy @sheogorath or there are a few terminal clients out there that does the same🤔
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