Seriously: Cryptocurrencies are currently about to destroy some of the greatest things that came up about free software in the past few years: The ability to get up awesome automated setups with CI/CD and more, for basically no cost, for everyone.

Allowing any poor student in the world to develop wonderful, state-of-the-art projects without worrying too much about the bills.

And it's currently on the best way to be destroyed. By greedy bastards who decided to turn wasting resources in to money

@sheogorath apart from the environmental disaster, there is an ethical question over the fact that minimum 65% of mining is done in china. speculation on bitcoin is contributing to china's wealth.


@simon No. Sorry, but geopolitics bring no good into this discussion. It doesn't matter where crypto currencies are guessed or who gets the money from it.

It ruins the life of many and basically abuses the equivalent of a public good. It's like people constantly throwing rubbish into the environment. It doesn't matter who it does or where it happens. Don't do it!

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