Today went to a University event, that tried to talk about how the University and companies handled switch to remote work/education. However, at least the company part, was basically a Microsoft advertisement by a consultant company. :/

"Move everything to the cloud" and when they said "cloud" they meant Microsoft. Not even anyone else, but Microsoft and only Microsoft. And that's then called digitalisation. 🙈

Asking about data sovereignty and depends the answer was "contracts".

So I guess the future is built on promises that no one reads and everyone gets shoved down their throat. What a bright image. Especially when we talk about University education and science.

Questions like "Shouldn't we built better UX and usability for tools that can run everywhere and keep the user's data ownership either by encryption or by device onwership?" were simply put down with "well, when those tools exist we would love to support them" but sadly they weren't keen to look at examples…

I'm really unimpressed by what was pushed there. What does that even mean for education at the university when the argument is "everything is too complex and we have to hand that over to the expert teams of cloud providers"? Should university education boil down to AWS and Azure training camps?

I mean, what's the vision if the answer is "it's too complex so we have to hand it over to cloud providers"? It removes the academic purpose, the idea that you try to understand the greater picture.

This is utterly ridiculous. If IT is too complex to be handled by reasonably competent staff, than the answer can't be "we give it only to experts that rob us", but to provide better tools that people can handle and are still secure.

What a mess.

By the way, I actually don't mind cloud services in general. The idea of outsourcing services is almost as old as humanity.

There is nothing wrong with switching from a self-hosted postgresql to a hosted version. Or to host your website on a web space.

But to act as if cloud providers would ride on unicorns and do the impossible, is just utter nonsense.

And looking at IPv6 on major cloud providers make one question the competence of the expert teams…

@sheogorath slight aside, but #linode handles #IPv6 waaay better than google cloud which is one of the reasons I got frustrated with google and left (apart from some free tier machines)

@sheogorath I wonder who they'll hire to run their infra when everyone graduates courses like that

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