Finally published my 2 weeks old article on F-droid with IPFS. Took a while to get back to it and do the editorial part of revisiting the article and proofreading it.

The idea is quite simple: Take the @fdroidorg CLI, set up a repository, throw in a little bit of HTML in order to make it look nice and publish all of this through , so one can access it through the various IPFS gateways.

Main benefit: Mirroring is completely transparent.

@sheogorath @fdroidorg interesting approach :)

side note: "fdroid update" already generates an index.html with qr code in your repo/ folder ;)

@bene64 @fdroidorg oh, it does? i was really looking for it, but didn't find it :blobfoxthink: maybe I need to look again

@sheogorath @fdroidorg at least it should ( Maybe it's broken, or you're on a different version of fdroidserver. I think it's included in 2.x

@bene64 @fdroidorg ah, since I use the fdroid CLI from the debian repository, it might be a too progressive change for the stable distro :D

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