Bought a language course with rosettastone yesterday, it's not cheap.

And yes, their app has trackers, but at least from all the good language learning apps I found for my target language, the least ones.

What I take issue with, is that their lifetime subscription currently costs ~300€, the yearly subscription ~180€ for the first year. They book and auto renewal for the payment for the full subscription price (300€) which you have to disable yourself. Could be an unpleasant surprise otherwise.


By the way, even if you buy the lifetime subscription but with live coaching, you'll get an automatically renewing subscription for the live coaching. Not the greatest experience, but to at least they inform you about all this, when they e-mail you their terms of service. Which are a reasonably understandable read, by the way.

Either way, if you bought something with them, make sure you check the billing settings.

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