It's time, I'm calling it: Don't link "githubmemory dot com" anywhere. Avoid this page. It's ran by QQ, one of the major Chinese tech companies, and it seems they creep into all kinds of search results and replace the links to the original projects on GitHub.

From my past experiences with QQ and their API I have not much faith in any privacy protections by them.

For those using DuckDuckGo and uBlock Origin, I created a quick filter to get rid of these in your search results:

You can put this into the "import" section in the "Filter Lists"-section of the uBlock Origin settings.

Enjoy :)

@sheogorath Hmm, maybe ping Raymond Hill for possible inclusion in one of the 'potential' lists?

@Truck You mean my repository? I don't think it's well enough maintained and/or contains enough rules to qualify for that :D

There are a lot better people around doing great work. I'm just keeping my private filters more centrally organised to share them across devices (and potentially other people).

@sheogorath Yeah, that makes sense.

Perhaps one of the other maintainers who is more active will see it and consider it. I'd like to use it but I sort of ... I'm not using Firefox as much these days, as I don't think they'll be around in 2-3 years, and want to be sure I am prepared for using the web without a "major" browser. Yes, I know it will be different. I know I'll be cut off. I know I'll be upset. Thus, why I'm starting _now_

@brandon Uff, this could might be even worse.

This indicates that they have Google Ads on the page (looking at the ads.txt)? So they take GitHub repositories, proxy them/embed them and then show ads on them?


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