Making vaccines mandatory is a bad idea. Obviously it's probably one of the most intrusive acts ever. What can be more intrusive than being required to get a needle in your arm, even against your will?

And second, who do you try to motivate with this? People who are afraid of the vaccine, will rush to doctors to get an exemption or fuel a black market for avoidance strategies. Those who oppose this for political reasons will consider it proof for their nightmares.

So what's the goal?

The goal is simple: "We do something."

Being able to state this, helps to keep all those in check who were good citizens, got their vaccine, helped to fight this whole thing and are disappointed of their fellow citizens who act counterproductively.

So this policy is not for those who refuse to get vaccinated, but to appease those who got vaccinated.

@sheogorath I have been talking to anti-vaxxers. It's not lack of information. It's not lack of opportunity. I am now also in the camp "mandatory vaccine" - not in general, just in this specific case after a lot of talking and thinking. This will not end otherwise. We would be mostly in this same situation next year as well.

@claudius so again, what's the goal of the measure? Do you expect anti-vaxxers to take that bite and get vaccinated due to such a regulation?

@sheogorath @claudius Sure, people are going to seek exemptions, but a lot will go "ugh, *fine*, whatever, assholes", like with many other things we might not like which may or may not make sense.

Many vaccine-hesitant people probably pay taxes and drive while carrying a driver's license and having car insurance.

@clacke It's totally a messaging thing. These are people who have no problem with their kids getting necessary vaccination after birth, etc.

The trouble is bringing mandatory vaccination into the current political milieu. There's no easy answers.

@sheogorath @claudius

@dajbelshaw @clacke @sheogorath @claudius It absolutely is messaging.

Anti-vaxxers are ignoring a century of research (give or take a few decades, depending on your point of view) is.

We understand infectious diseases and how to mitigate against them. We understand the effectiveness of vaccination. There is zero reasonable doubt here.

Choosing to ignore this at the expense of lives, even when there is a grain of truth to your objection, is antisocial by definition.

That's the message.

@sheogorath What's different today than in all the other cases of mandatory vaxes?

@silverwizard uhm, curious question due to me being uneducated, which ones are currently generally necessary by law? I'm only aware of specific ones e.g. Measles with no direct enforcement from 2019, which iirc is still in court.

@sheogorath Usually:
Hepatitis (A,B,C)
Chicken Pox

At least off the top of my head, I think there are more, but depends on juridiction and activity

For different kinds of public participation. You aren't forced to take *any* by law, just if you want to mix with other humans
@sheogorath The goal is public health, something people are notoriously bad at in Western cultures with a strong accent on individualism. Besides, like @silverwizard said, it isn’t even a novel idea, every single person criticizing a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine have already in their life received mandatory vaccines for at least half a dozen diseases that do not make headlines anymore.
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