Making vaccines mandatory is a bad idea. Obviously it's probably one of the most intrusive acts ever. What can be more intrusive than being required to get a needle in your arm, even against your will?

And second, who do you try to motivate with this? People who are afraid of the vaccine, will rush to doctors to get an exemption or fuel a black market for avoidance strategies. Those who oppose this for political reasons will consider it proof for their nightmares.

So what's the goal?

@sheogorath What's different today than in all the other cases of mandatory vaxes?

@silverwizard uhm, curious question due to me being uneducated, which ones are currently generally necessary by law? I'm only aware of specific ones e.g. Measles with no direct enforcement from 2019, which iirc is still in court.

@sheogorath Usually:
Hepatitis (A,B,C)
Chicken Pox

At least off the top of my head, I think there are more, but depends on juridiction and activity

For different kinds of public participation. You aren't forced to take *any* by law, just if you want to mix with other humans
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