Thought: A few years ago, we were using light bulbs that used more energy than a lot of notebook / thin client power supplies deliver these days.

@sheogorath how then does our energy use just keep climbing?

@meena That's simple: "I saved 100 watts per hour by replacing this light bulb with an LED lamp, I can leave my computer running for 2 hours more a day." And we got smartphones, giant TVs, simply more lights, …

As with cars, the sheer amount of stuff that uses the energy increased similar or even more than the efficiency won.

Just two pieces in the washing machine? Since it's costing only 2 Euro to run it, you are more likely to run it, compared to 10 years ago where it might cost 10.

@sheogorath i have a toddler, trust me, we do not run an almost empty washing machine.

but, i getcha.

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