"Simplified" my blog design a lot yesterday and today. Suddenly it uses @kev's simple.css as a base and just some minor modifications.

Lots of pictures removed, no more splash page to begin with, improved the contrast ration a lot in various places.

Let's see how it goes :)

@sheogorath it looks really good!

does @kev's simple.css provide the dark-mode, or did you add that?

@meena @kev It's simple.css I was actually surprised by it when I checked it on my phone :D

@sheogorath @kev I'm always curious about how different bloggers accomplish their publishing workflow, this uses Jekyll? Do you also use any kind of CI/git repo?

@michael @kev I do have a repository, yes.

The CI pipelines have grown over the years, nowadays making sure that dead links are found, HTML is valid, etc. as well as doing some basic markdown linting and spellchecking before setting something of into the wild.

It's not perfect, but it makes things quite smooth.

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