@mhamzahkhan No, nowadays I use plain kubernetes. I tried to use OKD on hetzner, this went south on every update due to concerning fsync times (around 2 seconds) in etcd. And overall, it simply shipped some stuff, that I didn't consider needed for my home setup.

Therefore I went for plain K8s on baremetal using kubeadm at home. It's all based Fedora 35 currently (not even CoreOS), but so far, it works quite well :)


@mhamzahkhan Given that I use(d) the Fedora packages for Kubernetes in order to get all SELinux thing working properly, I hit a bit of a limit regard Kubernetes versions. And since the maintainer of the existing package, didn't have time to update stuff, I run effectively a fork of the official kubernetes packages on COPR.

(Technically speaking, I only need kubelet and kubeadm, since the rest is containerised, and maybe kubectl, but still :D)

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