homelab, terminology 

I don't really like the term homelab. I guess some people would call my infrastructure a homelab, but I think it misrepresents the traits it has. It's production, it's not really a lab environment and choices and tests have to be done carefully.

However I notice that this really helps as you work on stuff, as it requires your to be very considered about your choices and don't cut corners as you would maybe do with something you call a lab.


homelab, terminology 

To expand of this a bit: Failure is part of production. So having stuff failing is part of your infrastructure work.

At the same time, pratice shows that a lot of "test setups" turn into production without ever being setup from scratch, so treating everything like production really helps.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have any test setups, but unless you have a separate production environment, there is only production.

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