I have to say, the Nextcloud Files app is terrible at storing files. My backup storage resets every now and then, images and files aren't uploaded on a regular basis, files it once synced are suddenly considered conflicting.

But finding a free software alternative that allows proper SSO integration seems to be hard. :/

@sheogorath in my experience, ownCloud is much more stable. It throws file integrity errors once in a while, but those are fixed by a simple `occ files:scan` - and nextcloud doesn't even have these file integrity checks^^

@compl4xx @sheogorath "integrity" as in "what's in the database matches what's on the filesystem", or "the files themselves are checked for changes via e.g. hashsums"?

occ files:scan is part of nextcloud, and i would assume they are also able to detect changes, because otherwise the versioning wouldn't work?

@malte @sheogorath checksums are generated and compared with the check sums in the database, if I understand it correctly. Checksums are also used to ensure file integrity while synchronizing files, stuff like that.

occ files:scan does a lot of different things afaik, when I was still working at ownCloud they used it as a one-command-to-fix-everything, iirc... for me it fixed checksum issues so far 🙃

@sheogorath is the cronjob running regularly, like every 5–15 minutes?

@malte yes, it's running every 5 Minutes, as recommended.

Originally I thought the problem originated from low bandwidth situations, but after happening on Gigabit connections, I don't think this is the case anymore.

@sheogorath ok. the only other cause of such behaviour that i ever encountered were very outdated operating systems and/or desktop-clients, which i guess are also not the culprit in this case 😅

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