Looked at CO2 calculators again. Today: the tomorrow bank. Well, well, well…

First of all, it's not their calculator. It's a third party company, ecolytiq.com/, a company just happening to work on "hyper-personalised financial products".

Their "ecoAware" product tries to calculate how much CO2 your activities have emitted. The data they provide in their "Open Sustainability Registry" (which is a MediaWiki) is mainly transport data, data from the US and "number of people" data.


Thia is their "statical data collection": wiki.euosr.com/Sources_Overvie

Their main customers according to their website is the "Tomorrow bank", a German startup.

Further their "Company and Merchant Registry", which might could provide reasonable data, is "COMMING SOON" since 14 July 2021.


TL;DR: they can make up any numbers by using "statistics" and try to calculate it down to an individual, which once again is quite pointless.

Oh and if it would be "correct" most of it would represent an american citizen, calculated down to a European.

Not to mention that after all this all data is then "personalised" by their proprietary algorithm and your data.

👍 Works!

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