For those wondering: is on holiday, it'll be back on the upcoming weekend.


Let me put it this way: I didn't realise, that I was running critical infrastructure here.

The amount of people that reached out to me due to this outage, was eh… surprising.

I'm happy to say it's back but also: Please run own mirrors of whatever you rely on here 👀 This is not HA and there is no team behind this GitLab. If I don't feel like fixing it, for a few days, it might just be down.

@sheogorath I was going to setup a VPS for friends but thought I didn't want the maintenance burden. Currently thinking about NixOS as a base OS for a, in theory, easily reinstallable and deterministically configured VPS. In theory.

@pedro the problem is never the reinstall.

Stateless stuff is easy. Stateful applications however… there is a certain amount of operations to it.

Same in this case, it wasn't that there aren't other git forges out there, it was the need for this exact git forge and it's content.

@sheogorath your previous uptime was apparently too good. You need to introduce some random weekly downtime from now on ;-).

@Bubu Good point, I should set an SLO and keep it :D

Most of my stuff on K8s has a target SLO of 95% terrible for a business but completely fine for home stuff.

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