My typical "Why is this broken all of the sudden?" causes:

- disk space

Recently it's always one of them.

@sheogorath [the meme of the swimming pool with children in various stages of fun to drowning, and the cache being a skeleton forgotten on the bottom] 😅

when do you get mtu errors? I think I never had those issue, or just never noticed it

@jibec Just yesterday I was wondering why my ingress loadbalancer decided to time out when using HTTPS, but fully function when using HTTP.

Turns out, due to being on the backup internet connection over a mobile connection, the VPN MTU between the site and the loadbalancer was too large, resulting in discarded packets.

Took me a moment to figure that one out.

Funnily enough I had the exact same issue when setting things up initially.

ok, I assume either cloud provider does this for me or my infra not "complex" enough

@sheogorath I keep running into the IOPS issue lately with my homelab.
etcd is not happy :\

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