Shower thought: Does reducing the shower temperature by 1-2°C really save energy, when it results in a longer overall shower time due to trying to hit that lower temperature?

This should boil down to a simple math problem that can be solved by a graph.

You know how much energy is needed to heat a litre of water by one degree, the efficiency of your heating element/system and the amount of water that flows through your showerhead.

🤔💡 Maybe I'll do some checks and measurements tonight to figure out at which point it's better to shower quicker vs cooler.


(Obviously you can make that problem as complex as you like by considering losses due to mixing water/which you usually use to adjust your shower temperature, losses from transporting water through the house, different shower modes which might use different amounts of water, …)

@sheogorath How long does it usually take you, to find the right temperature? For me its about 3-5 seconds as soon as I have hot water at the tap.

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