Since I would like to push forward with the coordination of work regarding the chart, I founded

A room for Mastodon on which should act as both development and help chat.

@sheogorath @jorijn @laiot can you IRC bridge it to somewhere on Libera?
I spend on average 28 hours a day on IRC

@sheogorath @jorijn @laiot also the cloud channel on the joinmastodon Discord has mostly been this

@deepy @jorijn @laiot :/ Too bad I'm neither a discord user, nor in the iirc paywalled(?) Mastodon discord.

@deepy Honestly one of the main reasons to even start this, is because I want to do some larger changes to the helm chart, in order to get proper scaling to work. Currently the HPA is broken, all deployments look for the same variable when it comes to replica counts and overall the resources, as we already discussed, are a mess. This needs major rework, and I would like to coordinate this before writing a PR. Otherwise I end up with an own helm chart.

@deepy Based on your proposal I started to hack some stuff together:

Not sure how much of this will actually end up upstream, currently considering to just run a fork, because the further refactoring might not be agreed upon by everyone and I want to move forward with the chart.

@sheogorath I've got a meeting tonight but I'll try to get around to testing it after that and during lunch, I've skimmed it and it looks good.
As for HPA 🤷‍♀️ There's always KEDA + redis if you want that functionality

But it looks mostly uncontroversial enough that I don't think getting it through would be hard

@deepy @jorijn @laiot It think this requires an IRC channel which can then be bridged

@sheogorath did you get the bridge working?
I unfortunately don't know Matrix and my fever is starting to clear up

@funkypenguin I'm still hoping for a bridge to IRC to get setup, but otherwise there's a community in #cloud on the joinmastodon Discord

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