I mean, a lot of open source projects have strange words as name. They are mangled all the time by people. But apparently @SUSE decided that it's enough 3 years ago and made a music video explaining how to pronounce their name:

I wonder if it helped or if it was just fun to produce :D

@sheogorath @SUSE that's a problem for English and French maybe. In Spanish the pronunciation of words is never a mystery, although it will be incorrect in the original language.

@sheogorath @SUSE

But it's pronounced _exactly_ as it is spelled. Non-Phonetic my ass.
It's just... It's just... It's a german name and not an english one. Because of that, you have -- of course -- to use german pronunciation.

Also: it's less like "soo-sa" as he sings, but more like "zoo-ze".

"ze" like in buddhistic "zen" without the "n", with the /z/-sound, not the /s/-sound.

The "e" is a schwa.

@mokrates @sheogorath @SUSE

I stay with SUSE pronounciation as in Heulsuse. Would have not expected a SUSA pronounciation from a German company. And it really was new to me even tho I did my first Linux steps with them about 25 years ago. But then again, I wasn't following for a long time.

@mwfc @sheogorath @SUSE
As in "Heulsuse" is correct. That's what I tried to describe.

@mokrates @sheogorath @SUSE
Oh yeah, sorry. I wrote the post in my head and attached it at the wrong spot in the end.

I blame it it on EoC (Out of Coffee Exception)

@sheogorath @SUSE not sure if I can keep up with it though, considering that singing the name opera-like becomes kinda straining after some time

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