Oops I did it again…

A little warning banner showing up, reminding you what Apple decided they should do. I guess that will stick around a bit longer than the hype around the problem.



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Just a reminder that by this day the Luca app still only uses 1(!) Daily Keypair[1] for all data of a day. Their security concept doesn't even account for that. Therefore guarantees like mentioned in the screenshot below are completely void and can not be fulfilled since the keypair is controlled by the luca server.

[1]: app.luca-app.de/api/v3/keys/da

(Feel free to correct if I got anything wrong here)

Oh no! I'm so floced!

Needed to set my User-Agent to chromium for the scanner test to actually try it, but here we go. My extension works! And the best part, I'm in a new cohort on every page reload.

Finally I can use FLoC in Firefox! 🤡


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While a lot of people decided to set a header to opt-out from FLOC tracking for their users, I decided to embrace it and let people make up their own mind.

For those interested in the banner, here are the implementation details:


It's kept simple and efficient. It'll only show up, when your browser implements the API. Enjoy!

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Uhh, that's a first timer. Google blocks access to YouTube until you accept the cookie policy, in which case it pipes your through adsense.

Interesting choice.

Looking into the @CCTG I don't see any reason why certain politician are complaining about the app. The app works, roughly 10% of all confirmed infections resulted in an alert through the warn app, even though it wasn't available during the first wave.

It proofs the app does exactly what it's supposed to do and works. Especially when we look at the adoption rate.

Schön auf den Punkt gebracht. CWA mit GPS tracking, Videoüberwachung, Staatstrojaner, Verbot von Ende-zu-Ende Verschlüsselung. Alle diese Lösungsideen haben eines gemeinsam: Sie versuchen den Personalmangel in sämtlichen Behörden zu kaschieren. Und nichts davon löst die Problemstellungen auf, die sie gebaut werden auf Kosten von Bürgerrechten.

Quelle: heise.de/news/Nida-Ruemelin-De

jsut introduced emergency access. This allows someone, in case of emergency, to either view or take over your Bitwarden account after a given amount of time.

This will ensure, that your relatives can access your accounts and perform actions like inform the Fediverse that something happened or probably more important, access critical accounts or cancel memberships.

In worst case, it also allows them to even evaluate all digital heritage you left behind.

Just tested AndOTP with seedVault in LineageOS 17.1. works like a charm.

Enable the backups in AndOTP, run a regulär backup. Next time you uninstall the all by accident, you can just reinstall it and it continous to work. I still recommend to do a manual, encrypted backup from time. to time.

For my Android experts,

maybe the detailed permission name is helpful. Attached is a screenshot providing those. It's also noteworthy that the polling is going on all the time, not just on the home screen as well as that all widgets have been removed from the home screen. Night light and brightness adjustment has been turned off.

Anyone with ideas with why the SystemUI is doing that?

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Actions followed words!

I started a little blocklist repository for the Shivering-Isles:


It'll slowly improve and block websites that employ anti-adblock scripts as well as filtering their results from DDG (other search engines possible in the future).

Feel free to send suggestions. (Here or as described by the contribution button.)

Special thanks to @lanodan, @aral and @nikolal who inspired me to put it together.

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Yet another ad-blocker blocker. But stating "We don't mind you running adblocker, but could you please […] disable these scripts […]."

Obviously you mind that I'm running an adblocker. At least be honest with it!

Is there a ublock origin list that filters all those pages from search results? I'm tired of it.

I'm not sure if it a good or bad sign, when I've visited my own page more than 30k times.

Does that mean I'm too obsessed with myself/my blog/my content?

Cookie banner, rant 

Some cookie banners are ridiculous. I clicked the "essential" button.

Why on earth does it need to process anything? And even worse, why can this process take up multiple minutes? This is a website.

I'm not about to book a flight here, I just want to read a piece of documentation.

Well, probably not then…

Preparing Riot.im 1.6.0 build in Flatpak…

Due to the new search feature for encrypted history, I'm currently building TCL as tclsh is needed to build sqlcipher, which is needed for this feature.

We are getting there!

As I just started it again ^^ If make your wonderful food these days, and you are home anyway, how about taking 10 Minutes more time and write the recipe down for GNOME Recipes?

Would love to see this flooded with new cool food!


Do you have your external hard drive ready? Because today is !

It's time to take your external HDD, open déjà-dup and start your backup.

After making your backup, put your HDD in a safe place, and leave it there. If you want things extra safe, place it at a friend once this whole pandemic stuff has worked out.

These HDDs cost 50€ and should be able to safe all your most and medium important data.

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