When there is one thing I don't want to care about, then it's updates for software installed on my notebook.

Thanks to with and this works amazingly well.

I recommend to try that :)

Using Gnome and want to speed up your workflow?

Switching the application is easy, `Super-key + tab` and you can switch through applications. But what if you have multiple windows per application?

`Super-key + ^` will do the job. It let's you either switch through windows of your current application or through windows selected using `Super-key + tab`.

Bored at your Grandma's place? Sit down with her and write down your and her favorite recipes :)

We all know that mom's and grandma's cooking is the best, so share it with the world!

Wonder where you can do that? recipes!


Not only can you spend some fun time with your grandma, you can also share her knowledge with the world and who knows where this knowledge will live on for decades :)

I guess you know Gravatar? This service where you upload your profile picture and every platform that knows your mail address can use it to generate a link for an image?

There is a alternative around it's called . It has been around for such a long time, that the original authors decided they got too old to do it. They decided to shutdown the service this year.

Now the Community stepped in and will continue the service:

P.S.: It's federated ;)

Explore the taste of Gnome and its users:


The fedora magazine published an article about Gnome Recipes. So we literally talk about taste. Besides just reading recipes feel free to share yours! Everyone likes good food, so share your taste with the world!

Fedora :fedora: users are pushing for an own Mastodon instance. Or at least one of them:


It might need to an own Mastodon instance for Fedora users, if you are interested, please reach out to @sesivany

PS: I wouldn't switch the instance again, but I would really welcome official Fedora accounts!

PS2: I also pushed for that quite a while ago, but got ignored ☹️ lists.fedoraproject.org/archiv

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