Anyone wondering, the Element Flatpak on Flathub is on its way to be shipped. Will be published with the next batch and should be at your desktop within the next few hours :)

The Flatpak/Flathub community migrates to the Matrix side of life :)

Meet us at:

For the lazy people:

I'm really looking forward to see everyone around and never have to worry about NickServ again.

Another day, another flatpak. Currently building a "Lens" flatpak.

Putting into a flatpak. Once this is done and working, submitting to FlatHub :)

Currently a bit undecided about the permissions, because it contains a CLI feature, but probably less than more permissions.

Something that really drives me crazy is how everything K8s related boils down to "curl this binary from our website and run it in your full user context" 👀

This should help.

I find myself quite often in discussions about newer packaging mechanisms like flatpak or snap. It appears that a lot of people love to mixup the packaging software with the package provider/distributor. Most claims made against both technologies talk about bad maintained packages, not about the packaging system itself.

There are many good things that went into stacks like Flatpak. The packaging philosophies of some distributions might not fit everyone's taste.

Mhm, I thought a bit about improving the linux desktop world:

It's nothing really original but let's see where it leads. Ideas, hints, etc. are very welcome.

I just merged the changes for the renaming. We might change the app-id somewhere down the line. You'll be informed if and when it happens. For now, enjoy your Element client which is coming within the next few hours to your desktop 🎉

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I have news:

We might don't rename the flathub repository. The Element developers pointed out that they don't plan to change the app-id, which means on our side, we just do a regular update and modify some meta-data.

What bothers me about that is that you'll use `flatpak install im.riot.Riot` to install Element… Rather strange but 🤷

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Just for those who wonder: Riot was renamed to Element today:

Flathub will provide the application under new name, I just have to talk to the right people to get the renaming/new repository done.

This weeks major contribution is done:

Started on Sunday, and here we are. A working parsec flatpak.

Might not be for everyone but those who consider cloud gaming an option, this might be a nice addition.

You can see the full development history on my GitLab instance:

Currently polishing up the parsec client that I packaged as flatpak last night.

Quite scary what this dumps into your $HOME directory.

It was a good idea to package it in a Flatpak that will take care of putting everything in the right spot.

Even weirder when their Websites states "clean uninstall", does that mean it scrapes the library packages it dumped into home directories out again? That sounds even scarier.

Hello people, please upgrade your installations if not already done :)

1.6.3 provides a security fix. Time to run: flatpak update

If you use the version.

Enjoy your time, and if you feel bored, may checkout one of the many channels I founded:

If you didn't notice: There is a 1.6.0 release of Riot on its way to Flathub :)

Riot 1.6.0 bring the new and shiny cross-signing features. Means you get TOFU now, can cross-sign your devices and users, which allows easy to transfer trust between all your matrix sessions.

Just make sure you use RiotX on Android in order to have all devices compatible :)

Preparing 1.6.0 build in Flatpak…

Due to the new search feature for encrypted history, I'm currently building TCL as tclsh is needed to build sqlcipher, which is needed for this feature.

We are getting there!

There is a security update for Riot out. Please updates your clients as soon as possible.

The newest version is already on Flathub, therefore `flatpak update` should get you safe again.

Today I checked the in from . Looks usable on first sight. For most people that's a nice and easy step forward in browser security. Sadly I can't use it due to my integration with Yubikeys and other programs. But for most users who aren't using all this fancy stuff, It's a great option.

And for those worried "flatpak leads to outdated dependencies", nope, the version from uses basically the same CI mechanisms as the RPM version.

Just pushed the newest version of to you 🙂

Expect the delivery within the next 24 hours. 📦

By the way, there was an update for Riot yesterday.

When you use Gnome Software and have automatic updates for flatpaks activated, it's very likely you have it already installed.

Otherwise, go for it :)

For CLI users: `flatpak update` will do the job.

Riot v1.1.1 is on its way to your desktop 🎉

The Flatpak was updated. Just waiting for the build to finish and publishing to flathub.

When Gnome Software is configured properly on your system, you'll just get a notification that Riot was updated in Background as soon as it made it to your system 🚀

For everyone else: Run `flatpak update` tomorrow and it should wait for you to install 🙂

By the way, the Riot 1.1.0 flatpak is on its way 🎉

Just wait for the repository metadata to be updates and things will arrive on your workstation :)

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