Since I haven't talked about it in a while, I might also want to mention, that I run a blogging room in matrix:

So if you are into blogging, maybe it's worth a shot. We also embed each other's RSS feeds to give feedback to articles :)

Anyone wondering, the Element Flatpak on Flathub is on its way to be shipped. Will be published with the next batch and should be at your desktop within the next few hours :)

If you are blogging you might be interested in the "blogger's gathering" room on matrix. A bunch of people interested in blogging are hanging around there, talk about articles, writing, web design, etc. Basically everything around blogging.

We have the RSS feeds of all members around so people can also get feedback on their articles.

Want to join? Check


Wrote a little article about some odd lurker bots I noticed on Matrix:

Has been a while, but decided to finally talk about it. Maybe @matrix want to look into this. Given that my research didn't bring me any further (but I have to admit, I also didn't try really hard), I decided to just talk about it publicly.

Feel free to come up with ideas, ask questions, etc!

I recently founded "Bloggers Gathering". It's a room to exchange about and blogging software and getting feedback to your articles.

One of the reasons for me to found this room was that I felt like there was no chat room that offered exchange beyond the CMSes. has a room, has a room, … But why not bring people together and maybe inspire each other. Also why rely on sole technical discussions. And so "Bloggers Gathering" was born.

By the way, I maintain a bunch of communities on Matrix for various topics. Such as , () |s, self-hosting and an open community chat where people can just exchange.

You can find all of them with some descriptions at:

Or by using as room directory.

Besides all the hassle today that I had with my mastodon instance, I sneaked out a little update to my page:

A new Matrix room for bloggers of all kind! The idea is to exchange about the tech behind your , theming, tips and ideas for articles, and other things that surround it :)

Looking forward to see you around and hopefully get introduced to your blog :)

If you didn't notice: There is a 1.6.0 release of Riot on its way to Flathub :)

Riot 1.6.0 bring the new and shiny cross-signing features. Means you get TOFU now, can cross-sign your devices and users, which allows easy to transfer trust between all your matrix sessions.

Just make sure you use RiotX on Android in order to have all devices compatible :)

Preparing 1.6.0 build in Flatpak…

Due to the new search feature for encrypted history, I'm currently building TCL as tclsh is needed to build sqlcipher, which is needed for this feature.

We are getting there!

As last thing for today, I founded a new room called

Since I spend quite a lot of time working on my GitLab and can imagine that there is some stuff other people might want to do as well, this should be the right platform for questions and answers. The idea is to bring people together who run git hosting platforms such as , , , , etc. and have them exchanging about all kinds of topics surrounding the hosting.

See you around!

There is a security update for Riot out. Please updates your clients as soon as possible.

The newest version is already on Flathub, therefore `flatpak update` should get you safe again.

Seems like another blog article sneaked out:

It's a short tutorial about how to use @matrix room directories. As I recently learned on how to use the directory selection feature, it might also be worth reading for you ^^

And here we go: A little article about federated ecosystems like the :fediverse: and :matrix: . And guess who is missing out on it? ! I want to change that and it would be great if you could help. Therefore I ask:

:fedora: Fedora, where are you?

Help us to get Fedora on board with all these awesome, new technologies we use every day already. :blobfoxwink:

If you are interested in container-related topics from docker to podman and K8s you might want to join the new "Container Talks" channel I founded on matrix.

From best practices to news and sharing your experiences it should help everyone to get better in this area.

Feel free to join:

If you have any problems joining, feel free to reach out to me :)

There are reasons why I'm proud of my "home" setup:

1. It just works.
2. I know what I build, so I can fix it.
3. It's all a single login.
4. Maintenance is fully automated.
5. It federates in many ways and therefore doesn't limit, but enable me to share things.

What runs on my setup?

- for authentication
- as microblog
- for storage
- Synapse for as chat
- Postfix/dovecot/SOGo for email
- for notes
- And to rule and maintain it.

Quick blog post I worked on a few days ago and finally got released:

TL;DR: Due to 's current architecture for using TOFU would be to dangerous. But with Cross-signing up coming, things will get better.

You don't have to be a programmer to contribute to a project:

Trivial commit. Just exchanging some pictures.

Help us to develop @CodiMD :)

I have to say there are some awesome people out there. Great documentation for synapse (Matrix) <-> Keycloak setup:

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