The local newspaper's website, 2 years after GDPR is enforced, 4 years since it's in place, still requires more than 50 probably more than 100 as services, that are not opt-in, but opt-out, to view their page.

I don't know who thinks that it's feasible for anyone to contact more than much more than 50 different companies to opt-out from collection. Even more questionable is how one is supposed to do any meaningful GDPR request towards them.

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@mike One day you'll find out about dnf-automatic and how well that just works in background :X

@poga I use secure-mode for months now, basically since it was first released, haven't noticed any problems so far.

But I'm a single user instance so I'm probably not representative.

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Hier laufen nicht zufällig Android-Freelancer:innen auf Suche nach einem Projekt rum, oder? :)

@quad basically since they introduced ChromeOS. They just made it "more integrated" so you experience ChromeOS everywhere now ^^

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🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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🇩🇪 Unglaublich: Microsoft entscheidet, welche Mails Europaabgeordnete im Posteingang zu lesen bekommen. Es nennt sich Outlook-Spamfilter und kann nicht deaktiviert werden.

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@info_activism finally some good news from the UK. I hope the EU sees it the same way!

@w4tsn I was fine with kdenlive so far, but I don't know to what degree I'm considered "without much knowledge".

@sesivany automated updates all the way. Allow to disable them, but have them enabled by default. With Silverblue we can do that, workstation is a different story.

@tors10 Letzteres, also das mit den RFID Karten, ist ein Mythos. Die Chips sind recht gut dieser Tage und schaffen es sich nicht (mehr) gegenseitig zu zu funken. Von daher, 5€ investieren und langfristig hoffentlich viel Frust und Ärger sparen :)

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“Algorithmen für Bewerbungen - Das Bücherregal im Hintergrund hat Einfluss darauf, ob Du den Job bekommst” Wir brauchen ein Beschäftigtendatenschutzgesetz. Das Schlimmste ist ja, dass die Ergebnisse der Software als quasi objektiv unreflektiert bleiben

@info_activism Remember when life was complicated and a driver would have an independently checked taximeter in their car, that would just count a price during the ride plus a waiting fee?

Good we opted to go for pre-calculated fees by computer now, that also decides that it's the drivers fault, when reality doesn't align with the computer simulation. And how great that it can also oversee every customer who goes anywhere before or after a ride. That sure is no problem. Surely not.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend this documentary:

It's cute, its interesting, beautiful shots from nature and has a good length to watch in a short session.


@Gina uhm, I just want to remind you, that this image is probably not pixelated enough to obscure your location.

Otherwise congratulations!

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