@lars Das kann natürlich auch einiges erklären ^^

Vielleicht hast du ja jetzt einen Facebook account :X

Fedora implements a new counting mechanism for ostree-based systems. If you want to opt-out from being counted a Fedora user, the article announcing the counting, is telling you:


@lars Vielleicht ein vorbesitzer bei Facebook gehabt? Telefonnummern werden ja wiederverwendet, laufen aber in online accounts nie ab.

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Vorsicht vor der beliebten #Apotheken-App SHOP APOTHEKE: Im Test gab sie das gesuchte Medikament zusammen mit dem vollen Nutzernamen bzw. eindeutigen Gerätekennungen an #Facebook und die #Marketing|firma #Leanplum. mobilsicher.de/apptest/frisch- @ulrichkelber @digitalcourage

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@vonderleyen@twitter.com We need a strict ban on biometric mass surveillance in public spaces! Help us push for it by signing the European citizens’ initiative #ReclaimYourFace today: reclaimyourface.eu

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@hexdsl one if the main problem that containers solve is to unify your project layout. This makes it drastically easier to write documentation and to provide support when something is broken.

Often a docker image is often the previous install instructions scripted and prepackaged. Obviously a project should document this as any other code.

@fatboy What part did you consider problematic? And what's your purpose?

This can sift the recommendations drastically.

@Liberapay @kravietz commented there with my question, looking forward to the new design :)

@kravietz @Liberapay oh, yes, I meant that when I want to donate to someone on liberapay using bank transfer, somehow it still asks me to create an account.

@Liberapay just curious, but why do I need an liberapay account for a donation via e.g. bank transfer?

@lars @Lichtschwinge Verbrennen von Schriften mit denen man nicht einverstanden ist, hat ein schlechtes Image. Da springen die gleich drauf an. Stattdessen deplatforming betreiben. Kann man auch in anderen Geschäften machen. Einfach die Zeitung hinter andere organisieren. Als Ladenbesitzer, nicht anbieten. Als Mitarbeiter vielleicht mal vergessen auszulegen. Passiert ja schnell mal :blobfoxwinkmlem:

If you need a reason to live, I have one word for you: Strawberry cake.

@volpeon the absence of an overcomplicated perl script called configure is outrages! Such a blasphemous act!

Other people have favourites on GitHub, I mirror the repositories instead.


And you can even subscribe to it, by subscribing to git.shivering-isles.com/shiver.

Every now and then, a new repository is added :)

Thoughts on telemetry 

Another idea would be the system-wide collection of these data and require a user-review on submit unless they decided to let it automatically submit.

This user-review would allow to review all telemetry data that is collected per application and enable or disable the submission of this data to upstream data providers.

This way the user is always in control and can decide what they want to share and what not. (Similar to the existing abrt reports)

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Thoughts on telemetry 

What is not provided by now, is a way to track feature usage unless you package each feature individually. Here we really have to look into the details because this can easily result in profiling.

While this is the most useful data of the telemetry, it's also the most critical. We might need a way to announce a feature name with a boolean that is collected on a distro level as "trustworthy data handler" providing the detailed information only on a reasonable sample size.

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Thoughts on telemetry 

I guess an easy way to pull these data together from the various vendors is missing. On Fedora abrt creates bugzilla tickets. Obviously, unless you also maintain the Fedora distro package, you won't get any of the crash reports. Doing that for every distro is absurd. So we need an easier way to move tickets upstream.

For the OS stats, each distro builds their own solution. Collecting these metrics in a reasonable wax including the variation on package name is a challenge.

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Thoughts on telemetry 

I think it is valid for a vendor to try to get a view on the install base e.g. how many versions of my software run on which kind of systems. Those should be plain numbers, which on Linux can easily provided by a package manager. (We already do that on various distros)

It's also in the interest of the user, to have an easy way to report crashes to a vendor, without being overly into software development. Again, we have abrt for that on an OS level.

So what is missing?

@selea metal punched cards. I'm still convinced these are the ultimate backup solution :D but not really high density.

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