@mhamzahkhan I'm still torn. Currently I run a single ingress and just configure IP whitelisting in ingress-nginx. But it's not completely clean, because for external routing proxy-protocol would be nice and you can't run that mixed .-.

@alx @1dark1 @JeremySCook I don't know if you knew, but your warranty expired in 6 years and 23 days ago. 👀

Exposing serial numbers is usually not a good idea. It's not the end of the world, but it can help an attacker if they want to target you.

@molly0xfff Well, your "people, don't lose your money to scammers" narrative is a real problem! People might listen to you!!!

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Isch fänds ja subber wenn de Dadeschutzbeufftrachte vom hessischen Ländle och tröde tät. Uff hessisch

Stelle se sich des ma voar

"Watt tun wenn de Dade vom Hacker geklot worde sinn un in einschlägische Foren ufftauche? Finne sies raus im Dade-Hygiene-Wörkshop"

Datt wär n ding sach isch eusch

Privacy, battle rhetoric 

Mhm, with GDPR we won an important battle regarding privacy in Europe, but the overall war on privacy seems to be lost more and more these days. The current plans towards mass surveillance by the European Union is just the tip. The reform of E-commerce was successfully avoided. Exchange of biometric data is moving forward, Europol's data hoard that was supposed to be deleted was legalised after the fact. No big fines for big tech after 3 years.

This is not good.

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@sheogorath "Gee-object", like "Gee-lib", but unlike GNOME, which is pronounced "Guh-nome"

@ebassi hopefully it answers the mist important question: how does one say "GObject"?

G-Object? GO-Object? Gobject? The thingy?

Looking forward to the answer :D

@313ctr0n happy birthday :)

Hope you treat yourself to something nice :)

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Fedora Social Hour in about half an hour! Join us in the chatroom on Matrix and we'll launch a video call. See discussion.fedoraproject.org/t for details!

@mhamzahkhan Nope, the issue related to that is already many months old and it's not considered a priority to change. 4 spaces it is, take it or leave it.

You can probably adjust yamllint to not either send just a warning or ignore it all together.

@DrWhax They revived one just to make ham in a can out of it? :o what a waste!

@zeh @mhamzahkhan From the article you can learn how it works: Basically you get a certificate that you pass to your CPU, therefore this requires a kernel implementation, and this will tell the CPU firmware to activate the feature.

So not necessarily a requirement for the internet connection.

@mhamzahkhan I don't agree, from a consumer perspective it's an artificial price increase. They already produce all CPUs with the feature set, which means the QA, development, … is already paid and works at scale. They now just add implement artificial prices on top of that unless you actually sell "disabled" CPUs at a loss, which I don't think they would do.

Well, it's nice that you bought this CPU for 400€, but how about you pay us a monthly subscription of say eh 20€ to use it to its full potential?


Yes, Intel just decided they want to be able to paywall CPU features :)

And I figured out why, turns out, someone thought it was a good idea, to have different DNS lookup behaviour through out the same codebase, based on configuration settings.


At least it's solved now. Thanks to mailinglists, that have a search function.

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