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If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept!


Oh actually you can, yes, the OS might chokes a bit, but on Linux it still works.

Delete the partition, recreate it with the increased size, overwrite the partition table, reload the partition table (partprobe), extend your filesystem, done.

No, this is not recommended, but it works :)


@pro At least you should consider it. Having water stored is never a bad idea.

The good thing when using external services is: You don't have to fix them, when they are broken.
The bad thing when external services is: You can't fix them, when they are broken.

When something is critical for your operation, you might want to consider have it under your control, because just sitting around waiting for something to be fixed is a very annoying thing.

When you run Symantec or Norten AV, Microsoft will not provides security updates for now, because your Anti-malware solution, which at least according to itself, deletes all updates provides by Microsoft, which protect you from real security issues.

I mean, it's not like Microsoft announced months ago, that they will drop SHA-1 signatures this month And also SHA-1 support is already no longer recommended since years 仄 "Security experts"

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asking for bookselling help 


You mean to allow file imports and exports? We are currently quite short on development time, which is a reason why we don't get so many shiny in the upcoming release. And we have currently a focus on user management and internal refactoring from the perspective core developers, BUT we welcome all contributions in this direction and already support Nextcloud as user back end :)

Just reach out to our community chat if you want to help :)


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@sheogorath @fdroidorg If anyone else wonders: the problem appears to be xamarin itself, as mentioned in this (currently) last comment:

Things get even better. So I opened a public GitHub issue in order to make sure people are informed and the developer might be even more motivated to fix it. Seems like the opposite is the case:

I'll give it another try to convince him, but if not 仄 Can't help people who don't want to be helped.

Since the way to the official @fdroidorg repository is still a bit complicated for , they decided to self-host a repository!

Want to get the Bitwarden Android app without Google Play? Here you go:

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social GDPR exploit: "The security expert contacted dozens of UK and US-based firms to test how they would handle a 'right of access' request made in someone else's name..." #Blackhat2019

@JapanAnon As far as I can say, people in my timelines started to talk about it during the past weekend.

So probably somewhere in the last week.



That highly depends on the 2FA method. For TOTP, yes. For SMS and WebAuthn or U2F, no. For the former you don't store any secret in your db, for the latter you store a public key in your DB.

Also where 2FA can safe your butt is the worst case scenario: When your passwordsafe is stolen (or your master password for a KDF-based solution). Given that you use actual 2FA (means storing it separately), this will safe you. @thehatter

@kev Don't know why but while I like dark themes for applications, when it comes to reading articles, I prefer a white background.

I recently even switched my code editor to a light theme for a while. It makes it a lot easier to work and read outside :)

@unfa keeping footage around is never a bad idea. Go for another hard drive, it takes minimal amount of space and you don't blame yourself in future when you want to make references or similar with older footage in the future :)

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A recent commit in darktable's git repo removed the block on using Neo OpenCL, meaning: development snapshots of #darktable now support GPU acceleration for modern (within the past several years) Intel GPUs for a noticeably big performance boost, provided you have Intel Neo OpenCL suppport installed and compile darktable yourself.

Summary: Quicker photo editing in darktable for Intel laptops (without NVidia or AMD)!

This should land in a release by the end of the year in most Linux distros.

And here we go, my new blog article is out:

"Atom plugin "gitlab-integration" leaks your tokens"

TL;DR: When you use the Atom plugin gitlab-integration you should either patch it with the mentioned workaround in the article or stop using it. Definitely you should revoke the personal access token you were using with it.

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