Es gibt da viele Experimente von Open Whispering Systems zu dem Thema:


Wie man sieht, ist das Ergebnis immernoch ein Abgleich auf dem Server, aber man hat ein paar Schutzmechanismen eingebaut. SGX ist nicht perfekt, aber es ist zumindest ein kreativer Ansatz um das ganze besser zu lösen.



Wenn Interesse an technischen Details besteht: matrix.org/docs/spec/identity_

Hier haben wie die API Definition für Identity Server. Hierbei vielleicht der Hinweis dass zumindest die Vector.im Implementierung nicht federated ist und dass es nicht empfohlen ist einen anderen identity Server zu nutzen, da dann natürlich Kontakte die ihre Telefonnummer auf vector.im eingetragen haben dich nicht finden können und umgekehrt.


@bsm diese werden mit deinem Identity server geteilt. Identity server haben ein mapping matrix-user <-> Telefonnummer/E-Mail-Adresse

Den identity Server kannst du ebenfalls frei wählen, voreingestellt ist vector.im.

Ob die Daten vorher nochmal gehasht werden oder nicht, kann ich dir gerade nicht sagen, ist aber zumindest bei Telefonnummern quasi irrelevant da der Suchraum so klein ist.


@aris Problèmes classiques du logiciel libre :
- des gens qui réclament, même (et surtout) si eux-même ne font rien,
- des demandes contradictoires de groupes qui disent chacun « ouin, on ne nous écoute pas »
- des gens qui exigent que les développeurs laissent tomber ce qu'ils font bien (coder) pour passer des heures à l'assistance psychologique et à la pédagogie.

About the mess of #ActivityPub (there is zero standard about the content of the toots) github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

(This is also a good explanation by @Gargron about bloated software, and unexpected consequences of allowing anything. Soon, JavaScript in toots?)


Then I recommend you to edit a lengthy document after it was formatted. Especially when you add something like 3 ⅜ pages, you'll have fun fixing this line break or other minor differences.


@saxnot Since the late 90s iirc. mIRC introduced them at some point (client-side) and various other clients adopted that. It leads to awesome results like black text on black background be cause a user decided to use a dark theme.


@sheogorath since when does IRC have colors, lol.

tbh I think I like plaintext afterall. Not having fancy features makes things like the #epub standard really enjoyable

@saxnot Yeah, that's part of my point. We have quite a history with adding rich-text elements to things: IRC colors… fail. HTML-Emails… Fail. Ms Word… fail. All those WYSIWYG-editors which end up with not showing what you get out of it, …

And even when I think there are use cases to use such formatting, microblogging is non of these (neither are emails).

@saxnot And while you express this, you use a perfectly working way to do this, without rich-text.

Basically your toot proves that it's not needed, because we have so many other, easy ways to do the same thing.

Hint: There are great full-featured, federated blog platforms out there: Like Plume or write.as.

If you prefer something more social-media like, check Hubzilla or Friendica.

There are many full-text platforms that fit better for this and provide rich-text editors, let's not build one tool to rule them all, as this always ends up in a mess, but use the right tool for the right use-case.

Wow, reading the whole richtext debate… When this PR gets merged it won't take long until someone implements a first PoC for richtext toots and things become messy :/

is not a wiki, Mastodon is not a place to write lengthy articles and Mastodon is not a chat platform.

Mastodon is a . When you can't express it within 500 characters or without overly special formatting, you are probably using the wrong platform. Please use a full featured blogging platform instead.

@kuketzblog Ist übrigens spannend, mit einem groben Überschlag komme ich auf knapp 20-30€ die man im Monat spart. Der Marktwert von vollständigen Bewegungsprofilen inklusive Klarnamen, Anschrift und Verwandtschaftsverhältnissen liegt da defintiv höher.

Aber wer möchte schon nicht für 30€ im Monat(!!!1einself) seine Seele verkaufen? Immerhin, Facebook zahlte nicht mal 20€ in seinem Schüler experiment /o\

Looking at SuperTuxKart shows the power of free software. It took almost 20 years since the original game (TuxKart back then) made it to it's current version SuperTuxKart.

Slow but consistent work allowed it become what it is today and it's very probable be developed another 10 years.

In many ways, that's just great. :supertuxkart:

sudo strace -p 1205 # See syscalls of PID 1205. Processes don't have to be a black box, you can use strace (on Linux) to view the system calls made by a process, which may give some clue as to why it's misbehaving, where it is saving a file, etc.

#SuperTuxKart is a free open game similar to Mario Kart, featuring open source mascots as the main characters.

The latest version (1.0) was released a couple of days ago, and introduces online multiplayer 🌐

There's also a story mode, single player, local multiplayer, various game types and lots of mods.

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android:


@ChrisWere did a detailed video about it a while ago, which includes gameplay footage:


@brainblasted and one more: I think options for toot privacy, custom emojis and image uploads (maybe also polls in future) are missing in the UI right now.

Will this go into a settings menu or below the post as for most other clients?

@brainblasted I guess it's intentional, but since I'm nosy, how will notifications look like?

"Tasks" - probably the best todo app on android - is now accepting money via liberapay. If you're using tasks, this is one way of supporting it:

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