Can we stop pretending that any free software alternative have to be like or "better" than Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, …?

People don't use any of these services because they are great apps, they use them due to the content. Same will be with the fediverse. If the content is great for them, people will stay around, if it isn't they'll leave.

@minkiu Given it's not part of the actual commit message, it should, yes. However, the easiest way to find out is to try it :)


@aral Colours depend on your editor, vim does it pretty on my side using regular text highlighting.

Regarding side-by-side, it can't do that to my knowledge. And I still do a lot of `git diff` these days anyway even with this on, so I don't think it has to be either or, rather than "why not both". :D

@aral I recommend git commit -v and writing down what you wanted to do, and compare it to the content below :)

(`-v` will basically add the content of `git diff` in the commit message editor for you to read)

(for the lazy folks: git config --global commit.verbose true)

@bookwar That's why we see various minimalistic/"distroless" images being build as `-debug` variant as well, which will contain these tools.

Further, it's generally recommended to get the insights into your application, so you don't need to use separate debug tools on the container level.

For debugging on the Pod level, we have ephemeral containers nowadays.

@monoxyd Das ist doch ein Wort, dass schon beim Lesen Spaß macht!

Also Urlaub meine ich.

@cato Uhm, please be aware of EBO (Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung), which still applies on abandoned railway lines.

@aral @ben I keep recommending these 1 litre PCs. Servethehome has a whole YT playlist on these called "Project tiny-mini-micro":

I use the Lenovo M75q Gen 2 myself and I'm very happy with them. You won't get HA storage in there, given that they only have 1 NVMe and one SATA SSD slot, but there are other machines in this price/size range that should fit your needs.

@oklomsy also regarding the directory: GitHub and Gitlab already have taken this approach, but obviously with the marketing approved, corporate identity aligned `.github` and `.gitlab` directory. 👌

And I guess this is how it will continue :D

@oklomsy if your objective is to scroll less to read the description of a repository, wouldn't it be more effective to put the description at the top?

@cooper I don't think there is an exact word count, I would argue that microblogging is much less structured than regular blog posts.

There are best practices regarding the length (usually beyond 600 words and below 2000) but they are just recommendations and often due to SEO, not necessarily to help the writer.

All in all, I think structure is the difference not the amount of words.

@alphathiel @Haydar Ein HTML inject wird so trivial nicht funktionieren, nein.

Cloudflare hat sowas mal im Rahmen derer Apps angeboten, da wird dann aber letztlich ein JS snippet in das HTML der Seite eingebaut, welches dann ein remote abfragt. Das ist ein sehr tiefer eingriff in Webseiten und kann zu gebrochnem JS, falscher Darstellung, nicht erreichbaren Menüs und ähmlichem führen.

Kurzum: Nein, wird so ziemlich sicher so generisch nichts werden.

Mhm, just though, shouldn't a smart watch be particularly good at keeping the time, given it's a watch.

Then I threw this idea away, I don't think time is the main concern of smart watches, they probably just use the same hardware as a smartphone to keep the time, which is sufficient enough for humans.

(I somehow came up with the idea, of using a smartwatch as an NTP server, because… you know… it's a watch. What a silly idea indeed.)

@morph @lgehr By the way, the situation was settled thanks to this recommendations. There is now a Dreme L10 Pro running around, being liberated and cleaning my floor from time to time.

Thank you very much!

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Longposting. Things you probably don't realize about USB things and power banks until you measure them. 

You know how #USB is typically 5V, while #lithium cells are usually 3.7V? No? Well, now you know now.

Anyway, most devices charging their internal lithium cells from USB, whether they be #PowerBanks, phones, or other devices, will simply dissipate the "overvoltage" away.

While the measured milliamperes will stay the same, this costs power. To be precise, it puts an upper limit on charging efficiency of 74%. That won't be the actual efficiency, just the highest it could ever be, in theory, if there were no other losses anywhere.

Now if you were to charge your phone from a power bank, that power bank has to turn 3.7 volts into 5 volts again. This is done with a so-called "boost" converter, and to be able to make 5 volts from 3.7, it has to sacrifice some milliamperes.

This means you won't ever get back the milliamps you put in, not even in theory. You'll only see 74% of them back. This is fine however, because due to the 35% increase in voltage, the total power stays the same.

But! Your phone will simply dissipate that difference between 3.7 and 5 volts away again, so all the power bank's hard work has been for nothing.

This means if you charge your phone via a power bank, your phone's battery will only receive about 55% of the energy you originally put into the power bank. Again, that's not the real efficiency, that's the highest it could possibly be, in theory.

All of this changes with USB-PD, which is a new USB standard in which two devices can negotiate a voltage between 5V and 20V among themselves. Devices supporting this standard tend to do proper conversion, but even that's not all it's cracked up to be, and also a story for another time.

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Entgegen des verbreiteten Wunschdenkens, dass "Multi-Cloud"-Strategien einen Vendor-Lock-In-Effekt vermeiden, behaupte ich mal, dass man anschließend einfach nur bei mehreren Cloud-Anbietern im Vendor-Lock-In steckt.

Vorallem dann, wenn man mehr nutzt als "nur VMs".

(Obviously you can make that problem as complex as you like by considering losses due to mixing water/which you usually use to adjust your shower temperature, losses from transporting water through the house, different shower modes which might use different amounts of water, …)

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This should boil down to a simple math problem that can be solved by a graph.

You know how much energy is needed to heat a litre of water by one degree, the efficiency of your heating element/system and the amount of water that flows through your showerhead.

🤔💡 Maybe I'll do some checks and measurements tonight to figure out at which point it's better to shower quicker vs cooler.

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Shower thought: Does reducing the shower temperature by 1-2°C really save energy, when it results in a longer overall shower time due to trying to hit that lower temperature?

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