@randynose To be honest, the scariest thing about the layout is the gigantic cookie banner from Google :X

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@kev When I got the intentions of the meta blog right, it was intended to be done by more bloggers than just you. So how about getting more bloggers on board, figure out schedule (maybe one article a week?) and get it running this way? This should keep your blog nice and clean and make sense to have a meta blog.

If it there is no one else who wants to participate, then it's most likely not useful to run and maintain a second platform.

Updated my postgres container configs. Might be useful for you too:



TL;DR: Extending the grace shutdown period and introduce postgres to shutdown ASAP when stopping a container instead of telling it to stop using sigterm and then kill it off after 30 seconds resulting in a recovery mode on next start. (Your database should be able to recover anyway, but why try it so hard?)

@DC7IA The answer is one word: Usability. Before the easy to use smartcards such as Yubikeys made it to the market and became kind of a fashion thing, it was simply hard to explain every user that they will lose their identity as soon as they don't carry the certificate with them. Not to mention migrations or browser resets as bug fixes. Passwords are just easy to use.

But we are getting there with WebAuthn :)

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Do you expose the API to the internet (with some sort of authentication of course)? I have a PoC setup but since I use LE through DNS I noticed that this will become a problem :/

And also do you handle an anycast/latency situation? (I'm in my PoC I simply decided to go for long TTLs but that only solves the second resolution)


Oh GitHub is hotel california tonight, again… Change something, save, refresh and its gone \o/

I think it would be really awesome to see some people from the movement that @kev started, to come together and exchange in the matrix channel `:shivering-isles.com`, which I recently founded in order to share with and learn from other bloggers.

Due to the virtual nature I can't offer beer and softdrinks, but I would love to see more people around sharing their ideas on how a blog can look like :)



Just ask him, when he was annoyed about something the last time. It's always good to write down stuff than annoys you :)

Or ask him when the last time was he enjoyed something. It's always nice to share joy :)

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@kmj @eurafri @selea that's a cool project! Definitely going to follow the progress.

But makes me wonder: how do you handle the increased latency then? Just ignoring it?

@kmj Especially from a hobbyist point of view this is simply not realistic. When running a service costs you 5€/month that's fine. But when you have to pay another 5€ for each Geo region that becomes a problem. And especially in regions that have bad data center coverage like wide parts of Africa you would need to find a local data center, figure out a contract, … while CDN providers provide you exactly that for a friction of the price.


@selea mhm, WAFaaS requires a deep insight into protocols and therefore getting hands on user data. Now the question is: what makes Cloudflare unethical?

Is it the claim that they are scraping all user data? Is it the fact that Cloudflare is becoming a centralized distributor for web traffic? Or is it the fact that they are able to scrape user data due to the deep insight they get into traffic?

@selea for which of the many services Cloudflare provides these days? WAFaaS? CDN? DNS (authoritative)? FaaS? DNS (recursive, DoH, DoT)? VPN? SNTP? …

Or all of them at once?

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Fascinating to see how we're treated because Google doesn't yet have our new street or address on its maps. Food delivery & couriers failing. Online services requiring addresses are baulking. Very frustrating. These services depend on Google Maps/Addresses, but Google offers no guarantees about timely updates. Rather worrying the degree to which these proprietary dependencies emerge. Should be an open gov't service! openstreetmaps.org has had our address/street for months, since I added it.

Shower thought, surveillance capitalism 

The Ad-industry is the "sugar daddy" of the internet. It sponsors a ton of stuff which you wouldn't buy or be able to afford otherwise while exploiting you and ruin everyone's life.

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Meine Bubble hier ist zu #IT lastig. Ich brauche eine #Politik Bubble hier 👀

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