@dsfgs I think you misunderstand the entire situation. I opened a feature request to NetworkManager to implement the integration with a DNS daemon. It's not about collecting anything. It's a feature request for system software. Not more, not less.

@nathand @codesections Chrome running in Firefox might be a thing at some point :XXX

@mhamzahkhan :blobfox3c: Naming is hard! Maybe drop the NAS part for "datastore" or alike. Mine is called fs01, maybe that's an option.

@dsfgs nope, no news on the NetworkManager side. Also this request doesn't ask for any DNS requests being done by NetworkManager but to enable NetworkManager to tell systemd-resolved about SNI for the DNS servers.

If you disable NetworkManagers talking to resolved it's already working fine to use DoT on almost any modern Linux system which will do exactly that, convert Do53 requests into DoT requests using a local resolver.

@nathand I decided to go without stats in 2018 and haven't missed any. Does it matter whether my page is used by 3 or 300 people? Not really because I want to talk about my topics not theirs. Same goes for SEO. I do what I enjoy on my page and if people like it or not is their problem not mine. So far no one bothered to complain via email but some asked questions :)

@LydiaConwell no, this doesn't exist for Mastodon.

Same wouldn't work for email and toots are ActivityPub notes. ActivityPub uses the same address structure as email -> to, cc, bcc, from.

You could obviously solve this application specific by implementing some sort of discovery and then put 2 accounts into the "to" section, but as indicated, that would be application specific and would require sender-side modifications.

@abloo @AzureAlmond @selea My absolute favorite:

caw -> change all word -> delete the entire word and place the cursor so I can start typing in insert-mode.

That and the dot-command (just pressing `.`) are by far the most useful "advanced" tools in vim that I use every day.

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@tomosaigon I think the main benefit of Fedora is that it makes the daily OS usage "boring". No big surprises for the most part. Things just work out of the box, unattended upgrades run without problems (for me since 2 years on the same system now) and for most programming you can use toolbox to isolate the development from the rest of the system.

@lordbowlich @cassidyjames

"Does it occur to you that there are a lot of folks who do not want "engagement" or "growth" or all these other SV nonsense that those businesses value?"

Well, while we certainly have enough people who are bothered by such wording, it doesn't really help to bring understanding to people when one is talked to rather rude.

"Hell, most instances block mastodon.social because it's too big."

And while various instances do that for sure, I wouldn't say necessarily most.

@cassidyjames For the latter I'm definitely with you, that it doesn't really help.

But fact is: Don't poke around in other people's namespace. ActivityPub is a web standard and the same way we shouldn't have a browser that implements some sort of work around to access your website under other terms than yours, we shouldn't implement ActivityPub software that threads your domain different just because "you are big".

Also these days I would no longer say that Mastodon tries to mimic Twitter.

@cassidyjames Well, why is twitter special? Either the website implements activitypub or it doesn't. In this case, it doesn't. That's their decision as Mastodon shouldn't interfere with their namespace. I wouldn''t like it when people for no reason suddenly make up username in my namespace xy@shivering-isles.com even when a user xy exists. My namespace, my rules. Don't mess with it.

@kev @xdej you can use your dev-tools to do so.

All major browsers have the ability to to throttle the connection and emulate bad connection situations.



Well, that's exactly how you don't want to have containers built, but 🤷 everyone has their own style I guess.


@aral Please don't. If you want to integrate it, use SQLite or maybe something like indexdb.

I stopped counting how often my "let's just write a json file somewhere" resulted in dataloss. From "oh the process went OOM and didn't finish to write the data" to "it turned off in the middle of it" if you want to save everyone a bad experience, use at least atomic writes.

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Looks like we had a little hiccup this morning on the demo instance.
It's all back to normal now.

On the bright sight, what's coming to the 1.x release? Currently we have 3 PRs:

1. Adding a config options for the cookie policy
2. Replace riot.im with element.io
3. Adding Malayalam translation

2.x is also going great!

The API definition and mocking is going forward, the new Database Schema is layed out. Meanwhile the frontend team just merged the new permissions modal. 🚀

#HedgeDoc #CodiMD

@nathand @brandon While I can understand your grieve and there are certainly a lot of situations it's not needed, docker itself doesn't make things that much more complicated.

It mainly configures your kernel. It uses unused/underutilized kernel features to isolate your processes. And it happens to be a glorified tar downloader. But besides that, not much docker is actually doing with applications.


docker pull <image name>
docker save <image name> > image.tar
tar xvf image.tar

:blobfoxwinkmlem: Sure you can!

@fatboy No, but it also wouldn't make sense to upload an unencrypted image then. If you would like to do that, you would add a key for facebook to the encryption part and simply allow facebook to also read the encrypted image, instead of uploading it twice.

You can turn it as you want, but uploading the image twice, once unencrypted doesn't make any sense for such purpose.

@fatboy Why would they need the WhatsApp data for that? They already have Facebook and Instagram.

I mean I'm not saying it can't be done, but as long as I don't see a proof that they are doing it, I give them the benefit of a doubt as it wouldn't make sense from my perspective.

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