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If you're at @fosdem for the hardware check out our booth! In picture: Raspberry Pi-based system for In-Vehicle Infotainment and RISC-V board running Plasma Mobile. Not in picture: Pinebook (Pine64's $99 ARM-based notebook) and KDE @slimbook II (high-end ultrabook).

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Here's an amusingly written artical on the uselessness of tracking:

Now to find my favorite quotes...

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To our experts:

Is there any online check for a web page? I want to look a bit into accessibility for my blog, and wonder what's the best way to start.

Related: What are the easiest 5 things I can do to improve accessibility? (Just to keep myself motivated ^^)

Would love to hear from you!

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Linux question:

Would you prefer to have a program default to opening a file with $EDITOR or $VISUAL? Why?

I've read, but am still not sure which is the better way to go

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a do-while loop in shell script 

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@ChrisWere Hey! I'm a Linux-only music producer. I also teach the libre ways of making music. Here's a recent video I made on the topic, telling why I do that:
If you'd like some music for your shows that was produktu made with 100% free software and Linux - hit me up :)
I also do monthly #unfalive on YT.

Did you know that there are around on ?

Go and find them! Would love to see how they fit into your sticker collages.

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Wir wurden gefragt: Jugend hackt, ihr habt da immer diesen tollen Zettel mit Regeln f羹r den Umgang miteinander d羹rfen wir den auch benutzen? Wir sagen: Unbedingt!
Dazu noch ein paar Worte zu unserem Code of Conduct:
#jugendhackt #coc

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The only thing stopping me from making this the default behavior in @flatkvm is that it requires *a bit* of pre-configuration on the Host (configuring PulseAudio to load the module).

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After a while trying out different emulated audio devices in QEMU, I concluded I was approaching the problem the wrong way.

Audio emulation is inefficient by nature and there's a much better solution: PulseAudio with its native-tcp module.

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Shameless plug for mine

I'll hopefully have more time to write in the next few months. I have a lot of stuff swirling around in my head that I have yet to put to pixels.

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Netzneutralit瓣t: Wie StreamOn & Co. die Mobilfunkpreise in die H繹he treiben
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From the fall/winter 2018 Free Software Bulletin: read about why you should encrypt your emails using GnuPG:
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I just published a script for people that just moved from one #Mastodon instance to another.

The script will send a private message to all your followers informing them of the move.

Your followers will appreciate the notification.

Use wisely.

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Just got my #GPG key set up so you can auto-locate it with #WKD. This is really cool.

"A Web Key Directory, or WKD, is a way to publish PGP keys so they can be easily located, based on an email address. The idea is, if people know your email address, they can use WKD to find your PGP public key."

Now all you need is my email address and you'll be able to easily get my key!

I wonder if #K9Mail or #Enigmail for #Thunderbird can work with this

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There are currently three FLOSS mobile OS projects on the fediverse!


Ubuntu Touch


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