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👋 Hallo zusammen! 📣 und ich begleiten den Bundespräsidenten auf seiner Reise nach Südamerika. Gibt es etwas, das ihr ihn immer schon mal fragen wolltet? Dann schickt uns eure Fragen an oder

Thanks. I recently installed that one and also Vespucci app.

Pro tip: Setup the WiFi before you upload your Signal backups to Nextcloud. Especially when they are around 1.5GB each. Otherwise your mobile data will be exhausted quite fast.

The biggest problem with e-voting is that it tries to replace the heart of our democratic system, that is due to its simple nature (pen, paper & people who count) super transparent and everyone understands, with a system that is build on computers and, in worst case proprietary, software and hardware that no one in the world fully understands.

Is it worth it to replace a system that can explained and understood by a 6 year old child with a system that neither you nor me understands?

@.@ Just read the Signal changeset for the URL previews:

Wonderful how they ehhh not document their source code. There are exactly 7 comments in the entire changeset of more than 2600 lines of code. ~2000 of them are added.

I'm not sure that's a good sign…

Signal now enables Link previews. I'm not sure I'm happy with this idea.
Not even days ago there was a detailed article how bad link previews are for privacy. Of course right now the previews are quite limited, but I'm sure they'll open them up soon.

I wasn't happy with sharing all clipboard updates on the Host with every @flatkvm session (a malicious app could be snooping), so I implemented a discrete mode and a helper tool ("flatkvm-paste") to only send data on-demand, and to an specific session.

@61 @sheogorath
EE is open-core. Client-side is opensource as any non EE exclusive code (anything that is in CE), but running it requires a subscription.

If you want 100% free software you need to run CE. That's what runs, for example.

If you are OK running on top of an opencore, you can use

The biggest advantage is that you can export everything and migrate to your own instance at any time (CE or EE)

I published a new article. Today it's about and key discovery. It's split into a part that explains what the current methods are to recieve a public key of someone else and how WKD comes in here, followed by a hands-on part on how to setup WKD for your domain. Hope you enjoy 😉

Help improve #Inkscape for everyone! Learn "How to Report Inkscape Bugs in GitLab" with this step-by-step video:

GitLab really made it to become a great tool. In the beginning it was pretty copy-cat of GitHub. These days they provide a ton of features which are well integrated.

I'm starting to like it more than GitHub. And comparing the GitLab vs. the GitHub workflow, GitLab makes somehow more sense.

Let's see what happens in the next few weeks. Maybe I push more things to GitLab instances.

During the #Tor relay operators meeting at #FOSDEM, someone noted that there were many relays in IPv6-friendly networks that did not have IPv6 enabled. I was guilty of that, too.

Was. Until a few minutes ago. :blobuwu:

How URL previews in many chat apps are leaking the website you are discussing, even if your chats are encrypted (#signal is safe): #privacy

Just shared by @amolith

Seems to be an amazing tool to create mockups and doing UI prototyping.

And fully free software (BSD-3)!

re: Server hosting platforms 

@paalsteek @sheogorath You can start with this kind of checklist:

And you can use tools like or the Axe plugin for Firefox or Chrome to do some checks. And you can use Firefox's accessibility inspector. Lots of possibilities.

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